For the first time, employees can easily compare costs for the specific health plans offered by their employer...and it's free.
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Calculate your annual health plan costs

Your employer offers you various health plans to choose from. In the past, it has been nearly impossible to calculate and compare your costs under each plan.

Unable to easily compare plan costs, most employees stay with the plan they have been in, possibly missing out on savings of hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars each year. Crunching the numbers has been particularly difficult if one of your health plan choices is a high deductible health plan, such as a HSA plan.

StreetWise Health has solved this problem. We offer the first easy-to-use plan comparison calculator which is customized to the specific health plans you are offered by your employer. You answer a few questions, hit a button, and it shows you your estimated total costs under each plan for your typical use of doctors and drugs.

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